• Face in Solitude III, 2015 Oil on Canvas 31x39in
  • Children of the Sun, 1965 Oil on Canvas 96x96in

Sui Hoe Khoo, also known as Ray Khoo was graduated from Nanyang Academy of Fine Art in Singapore in 1961. He has held more than 50  one-man shows in Singapore,
Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Taiwan, China, Australia and United States. He also took part in numerous open shows in India, Japan, England, Ireland, Germany and Brazil.

In 1974 Khoo was awarded a John D Rockefeller 3rd Fund grant to study Contemporary Art in the U.S. He also toured major museums in Europe, traveled to Middle-East, Central Asia.

Khoo migrated to the U.S. in 1982 after his shows in New York and Washington DC. He moved from Houston, TX to live in Arkansas and has become a resident artist in Jacksonville, AR since 1996. His recent shows include the Arkansas Studies Institute in Little Rock, AR in May 2015, a Large Paintings show at NAFA in Singapore July  2015 and Soka Gakkai Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur in August 2017.

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